Split AC or Window AC which is better?

Which AC should I buy for my home whether to buy a Split AC or Window AC?

Split AC or Window AC

This is one question that many air conditioning buyers often ask themselves before buying. Well, there a lot of things that need consideration while when choosing between Split AC or Window AC. An air conditioner is the most power-hungry device of your home and can significantly increase your electricity bill. Factors like space available, AC capacity, Brand, installation, and many more need to be considered before making a buying decision.

 Since an air conditioner will last for at least the next 10 years, with this article we try to give you some guidelines on what you should be aware of before you decide to buy an air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

AC,s consume electricity like no other device in the house. Energy efficiency is a critical factor that could make or break your decision.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has made it mandatory for all manufacturers of electronic appliances to evaluate the appliances in terms of energy efficiency and mention the ratings on the appliances.

These energy efficiency ratings range from 1 star to 5 stars. Higher star ratings indicate higher energy efficiency. Thus, a 5-star ACs is 10% more efficient than ACs with 4-star ratings. There is a difference of 10% in energy consumption when one star increases.

If you are looking to buy an AC that would run less than 8 hours a day a 3-Star AC should be an ideal choice. However, a 5-Star rating AC should be preferred if you are looking for an AC which will run 15 hours a day.

It is to be noted that electricity costs of window Acs and split ACs with the star rating are similar. Although the split AC consumes a little more power, but the difference is not enough to influence the purchase decision.

Both split AC systems and window AC systems with 5-star ratings are now available. However, the number of models of split ACs with 5-star ratings is comparatively higher.

Space available

The majority of Indians live in small flats or apartments in cities. A split AC unit different from a window AC in many ways.

A window AC consists of a single unit that houses all the components (condenser, compressor, expansion valve, and all other components)  of the AC system.

The split AC unit is a two-unit system consisting of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit includes the compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit has the evaporation part known as IDU.

So in regards to space, a split AC unit requires more space technically than a window AC unit, you will need special space to place the outdoor unit. However, the pipes and cables doesn’t require a large hole to pass through the walls.

On the other hand, a window AC unit requires a large opening for its installation. It can be a challenge to find enough space on the windows for people who live in flats/apartments to install a window AC, and then choosing a split AC system is the only option left to them.

Regardless of whether you choose a window AC or split AC, you need to know that the outer end of both types requires adequate ventilation. If you install the outdoor unit in a “not so well ventilated” room, you will find that your air conditioner has trouble providing effective cooling.

You can extend the length of the pipes and place the outdoor unit in an area with good ventilation.

The indoor unit can be placed in an easily visible location to provide you with maximum cooling.

In apartments, your window may be near a staircase or adjacent to your neighbor’s window, making it impossible to place your AC window.

The Capacity of the AC

The size of the AC is a critical factor to consider before purchasing your next AC. The capacity of an AC refers to the tonnage. The tonnage will directly affect your electricity consumption.

Select your AC according to the size of your room. In general, a 1.5 ton or 2-ton air conditioner should be ideal for rooms in Indian homes..

If you have a large room with large windows, it is better to have several air conditioners. Window ACs are available up to a maximum capacity of two tons. Therefore a split AC system is better than a window AC system.


Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to interior decoration. Your AC is an integral part of your interior decoration. It should match the other furniture in the room.

If the look of your room is your main concern, window ACs should not be on your schedule.

A split air conditioner has the advantage here as it looks better than window ACs. The latest split ACs available on the market offer a stylish look.


In general, people use ACs while sleeping. Window ACs can be uncomfortable because they make lot of noise while, the split air conditioners do not make much noise.

This is because the compressor and condenser units are located in the outdoor unit. The indoor unit inside the room does not make a lot of noise and therefore offers more comfort.

Modes Available

The air conditioning systems available today come with different modes depending on the climate and weather conditions.

If you are living in a humid area near the sea, such as Mumbai or Chennai, you should check if the dry mode is available on your AC or not. Some other features like energy-saving modes, sleep mode, power mode, etc have now become industry standards.


Window AC is cheaper in comparison to split AC.

However, they are also the least efficient. An AC is a long-term investment. Therefore, you should choose the ideal balance between price and efficiency.

The brand of the AC

The brand of the ACs should also be your top priority while making a buying decision due to factors such as warranty period, after-sales service, etc.

Today brands such as Carrier, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Daikin, and Voltas are available in India. Both window and split AC options from these brands are available in the Indian market.

Which AC brand you buy should depend on where you live, service centers, customer service, and warranty period.

Which one should you choose the window AC or split AC?

By now you must have some clarification in your mind. But if you are still confused don’t worry and keep reading.

  • For budget-oriented buyers Window ACs should be preferred, as Split ACs are a bit expensive.
  • For those looking for power-efficient AC, a 5-star split AC is preferred. Although you can also go for 5-star Window AC, a split AC looks more polished and is better in the longer run.
  • If looks and aesthetics are you after then also split is hands down ideal for you.

Window Air Conditioner


  • Allows fresh air to come into the home.
  • Window AC is easy to install.
  • The servicing and maintenance is easy.
  • Doesn’t take any extra space in your home. 


  • Noisy as compared to Split AC.
  • It obstructs the window and reduces the daylight.
  • Doesn’t look pleasing.
  • Doesn’t work well with larger rooms.
  • Rusting may happen.

Split Air Conditioner


  • It can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Doesn’t block window/daylight.
  • less noisy.
  • Floor and ceiling mounted options are also available
  • It gives uniform cooling across the room.


  • The installation requires a skilled worker.
  • Noisy outdoor unit.
  • Expensive than Window AC.
  • Requires drilling of holes for piping.
  • No fresh Air.

The Verdict

A split AC should any day be preferable to a window AC. Initially, the cost could be higher, but it can help reduce your electricity consumption considerably and can prove to be advantageous in the long run.

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