Mixer grinder jar jammed? Here’s how to fix it

A mixer grinder is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. Often used several times a day a mixer grinder is the true workhorse of any kitchen. Mixer grinders are used to serve different purposes such as properly mixing foods with liquids, grinding, and several others. Whether it is to fine grind or to prepare dishes, this appliance proves to be extremely useful. However, like all other electronic devices mixer grinders can sometimes encounter certain problems which may make it difficult for us to use it. One of such common problem is the jar of the mixer grinder getting jammed. In this guide, we will give you two solutions to the problem.

Mixer grinder jar jammed

1. Use cooking oil to open the jar

In most cases, the seal of the bearing of the grinder blades leaks the water of foods. This liquid is often salty and thus corrodes the mixer blade. This eventually leads to the jar getting jammed into the mixer grinder.

If such a situation the mixer grinder is left unusable. One of the most recommended solutions to this problem is to turn the jar upside down and pour some cooking oil into the space of the motor coupler.

If you are unsure how much oil to use, then fill it below the rubber or the plastic of the motor coupler. Now let the jar soak some oil for a few minutes. After a few minutes try to twist the rubber with hand or with a piler. It might feel a little tight in the first few rotations, but it will ease up eventually.

Now put the jar on the mixer grinder and add some water. Let it run for a few seconds and you have successfully freed your jammed mixer grinder jar.

2. Let air in the mixer grinder escape

Sometimes, the lid of the jar gets jammed and proves very difficult to open.  The reason behind this is that when you close the lid of the jar the air inside the jar gets compressed. And when we start grinding the air further compresses.

But this a lid of jar would most often get stuck when the food inside is hot. This is because in a hotter environment air gets compressed even further.

Now to avoid such a situation, it is advised not to block the air vent which is provided with each jar lid.  Also, let the air pass through the vent for a few seconds before you start grinding.

If you follow our tips and tricks, the mixer grinder jar jammed will easily open up. However, it is best to clean and maintain your mixer grinder regularly to avoid such a problem.

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