Mixer blade not rotating? Find the causes and solutions

Mixer Grinder, known in India as Mixies, can be found in almost all households around the world. Mixer Grinder is a frequently used kitchen appliance and a life without Mixer Grinder is unimaginable. These devices help us with various tasks in the kitchen. As with any other device, however, you must regularly maintain and clean the mixers to ensure uninterrupted operation.
The device may show signs of problems and errors, and one of them is that the mixer blade not rotating. Without this main function of the device, it becomes almost superfluous. For this reason, it is important to fix the problem. There may be various reasons for the blade not rotating. Before you solve the problem, you must know the exact reason. The following are some of the causes and solutions for mixer blades not rotating.

how to fix jammed mixer grinder jar

1. Damaged bearing

The most well-known reason for the mixer grinder blade not moving is a damaged bearing. What happens is that both water and salty fluids leaks and gets into the heading of your mixer grinder blades. This salty water will in general corrodes the bearings and harm them to a point where the sharp edge can not rotate anymore.

  • In such a case, you can physically turn the mixer grinder blades manually in the opposite direction.
  • If this doesn’t help, then drop a few drops of cooking oil in the rotator coupler.
  • Now let the jar absorb oil for a few minutes.
  • Now attempt to physically turn the blades again.
  • If it still isn’t rotating don’t push it too much and ask for professional help.

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2. Damaged electric wire

If one of the cables is damaged in the unit, it may also lead to the mixing blade not rotating.
To solve this problem, the wires must be checked for faults. If you are not sure how to do this, it is better to contact a professional. If the wire is damaged, you can either replace it, or in some cases you need to replace the mixer completely.

3. Broken motor coupler

Another possible reason that the mixing blade is not rotating could be a defective motor coupler. The reason for this may be an overload, poor quality of the coupler, and a device that is used for an extended period.
In this case, you cant fix it at home or by yourself. The solution to the problem is to get the motor coupler replaced.
Now that we know the main causes of the mixer blade not rotating, we can take the steps accordingly.

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