12 Home Design Tips to Make Small Room Look Big

Make Small Room Look Big!

If you are put up in an urban area you know that not everyone can afford a huge land or open floor plan that they can decorate it. If you have small rooms in your home that have challenged you, there are many things you can do to make small room look big than it really is.

make small room look big

Here are a few tips on how to make small room look big

1.        Choose contrasting colours

Contrasts is a great way to create dimensions in any room. Whether you’re painting a focus wall in a dark colour to contrast the white on the rest of the walls, or adding lots of dark furniture with pale accents, colours that stand out from each other add an extra layer to your space. It surely gives an illusion that the room is much larger than it really is.

2.        Choose your curtains carefully

Hanging long curtains directly under the ceiling and much higher than the top of the window is like attaching high-heeled shoes to a room. This will make your walls appear higher. Also remember to buy curtains in a darker colour to create contrast that will add a dimension to the room.

3.        Mix the textures

Mixing textures can help make small room look big. Mixing thin fleece blankets with thick wicker baskets or ribs on your sofas and chairs with smooth ceramic light posts. Creating a difference in textures is a great way to add visual depth to your small space. Your guests will focus on the mix of textures rather than the size of the room.

4.        Add some green

Adding different plants into your living space not only can purify the air in your home but can also make small room look big if done correctly. You can hang ivy, put a large African plant in the corner, or add some small succulent plants on shelves. Create some terrariums to hang in windows or in corners.

Planting can be a responsibility many are not ready to take, what you can do is purchase some artificial plants for your small room.

5.        Focus on calm

Neutral colours can create a calm atmosphere in your living space. The use of grey, white and light brown creates a relaxing yet modern mood in your living room or bedroom. Adding these colours, in any form creates a relaxing environment. You will surely feel calm and peace in your living room when you decorate in these colours.

6.        Use furniture to create a separation

If you have a space that doesn’t have predefined walls to distinguish between living and dining room arranging your furniture can create some separation. Placing a bookshelf between your sleeping areas and sitting area can create some separation. Always keep your mattress in one of the corners of the room so that you have more space.

7.        Functionality is your best friend

Maximizing the functionality of your items in a small space is key. Buying furniture with built-in drawers makes your room feel less cluttered because your sweaters and extra bedding are kept under your bed and out of sight. You can also find coffee tables with removable table tops or use a wooden case or a cedar box instead of a traditional coffee table. If anything you use can be stored out of the way at a specific location, clear up clutter and make room appear bigger.

8.        Luxury items also work

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t add luxury items to your room. But you need to be cautious before dropping some hard earned cash on luxury. Buy luxurious items such as a thick blanket, a sequin cushion or a marble side table and integrate them into the decor of your living room. Adding some luxury doesn’t really make small room look big but draws your guest’s attention away from the size of your room.

9.        Make bold statements

Buying one or two statement pieces for your home is a great way to create illusions of size in your living space. Find some personalized picture frames to set up a gallery wall. Also don’t overdo, lots of small things will look like clutter and make a room look smaller. You don’t really need to add a decorative piece to every surface of your home.

10.    Smaller furniture, better use of space

Try to remove bulky furniture in a small space. Your guest prefer to focus on sofas, chairs and side tables rather than large sofas, entertainment centres or coffee tables. If you want to buy a larger item, make sure that it has an added benefit.

11.    Appropriate distance

If you have a smaller space, each piece of furniture and decor must be placed in a manner that it is at an appropriate distance. We want to maximize the use of every square meters, but you also want to make sure the room looks nice. You don’t want your furniture to appear cluttered so place them at a distance so that they are clearly visible.

12.    Eliminate, eliminate, and eliminate

If everything else fails, keep it minimal to make small room look big. If you live in a small apartment, do not spend your dollars on small pieces that has no sentimental value or aren’t value for money. You can still find things you like and demonstrate your style without having to compromise on space in your living areas.

 Living in a small space can seem like a big headache. Decorating your small room with a    touch of your own personality and you won’t ever feel suffocating.

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