How to use Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt can accumulate anywhere in your house and cleaning them manually are very physical as well as a boring task. Not only it takes time but it is painful for those who suffer from backache and knee problems.

Vacuum cleaners can be a lifesaver in such conditions. It cleans the surface quickly and requires less physical work. Earlier vacuum cleaners could only clean the floor and were unable to suck out the dust from hard to reach places. But today vacuum cleaners come equipped with all sorts of attachments that could literally clean any possible surfaces.

Although the feature list keeps on increasing day by day the fundamental method of using the vacuum cleaner remains the same.

Today we are going to see how vacuum cleaners works.

Attachments of a vacuum cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner comes with four basic attachments to help clean different areas of a house. There are other attachments also but they are mostly optional

  • Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush is round with long bristles, and is used mainly to clean wooden floor. The dusting brush has soft bristles which are perfect to clean bookcases, wooden windows, and wooden frames.

Also if your vacuum cleaner has variable suction speed, the dusting brush can be used to clean delicate art work.

  • Crevice tool

Crevice tool is helpful in cleaning tight and narrow spaces due to its skinny and angular shape. It can easily go under the bed and around the sofas and can also be used to clean cars interior.

  • Extension Wand

As the name suggests Extension wand gives you more reach and thus helps clean ceilings and areas behind your appliances like refrigerators, etc. you can also use Extension Wand to clean carpets.

  • Upholstery tool:

The Upholstery tool is wide and is used to clean up sofas, cushions, pillows, chairs, and mattresses..

How to use Vacuum Cleaner:-

The following are the step by step methods you should follow to use vacuum cleaner and clean up your house.

Step 1: Check the dust bag or canister

The first thing you need to do is check the dust bag in which the dust collects. Clear the bag if there is any dust in canister. Also make sure nothing can accidentally leak while cleaning the house.

Step 2: Check the height of the machine:

After cleaning the dust bag always check the height of the vacuum cleaner. If you are not comfortable of the height it is at, you should adjust the height according to your need.

Step 3: Remove any obstacles

Removing any small objects like toys, debris or even big ones like bean bags and stools will make your cleaning job much easier.

Step 4: Switch on the machine

Now switch on the device and move it along the floor or the surface to be cleaned in a to and fro motion. Make sure not to use vacuum cleaner in a circular motion, and also ensure that your vacuum cleaner does not suck any miniscule sharp objects. This will tear the dust bag. 

Step 5: Use the attachments

You should use all the attachments provided with the vacuum cleaner.

Always start with the dusting brush to clean the wooden floor any bookcases. Then use the crevice tool to clean out the corners, the extension wand to reach heights and upholstery tool to clean the sofas and cushions.

Step 6: Wash the Brush

Whenever the brush gets dirty you should wash it. Always detach the brushes from the vacuum cleaner first and then proceed to clean the vacuum cleaner. You can use warm water or normal water with mild detergent to clean the attachments.

Step 7: Dry the brushes

You should let the brushes dry until next used. Never use wet brushes with your vacuum cleaner.

Repeat the process again. 

Vacuum cleaner can also be used for?

A vacuum cleaner doesn’t only clean your house but has a wide variety of benefits. Below I have listed down a few such uses of a vacuum cleaner.

Clear out pet hair: It is not uncommon for your carpet to accumulate pet hairs on it and picking each hair manually becomes irritating. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out pet hairs from your carpets and rugs.

Fleas and allergens: Many small insects and allergens get mixed up into dust and keep accumulating in our house. When we clean our house with a vacuum cleaner we are also getting rid of such infections.

Ice out carpet dents: If your carpet has a dent on it you can ease it out using the vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is put two ice cube on it, and let it melt. Once it is melted use vacuum cleaner on the wet carpet.

Clean your keyboard: Your keyboard can be house to a lot of annoying particles like crumbs. You can use a crevice tool to clean your keyboard.

Deodorize your room: You can also deodorize your rooms using the vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is drop a fragrance dipped cotton into the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. And voila


The vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home as it effectively cleans your house with much less effort. But do oil your vacuum cleaner from time to time. Also, clean the dust bag and dismantle the plastic parts clean them, and put them back together.

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