How to clean a microwave oven

Sometimes I wish cleaning dishes was also as simple and easy as eating, but the reality is far from that. Similarly cleaning microwave oven can look like rocket science if you haven’t done it before.

But cleaning a microwave oven is not as complicated as you might think. Using the methods listed below you can clean your microwave oven in a matter of minutes. Also the method listed below doesn’t require any special material that you will need to purchase. We have compiled a list of cleaning methods using kitchen ingredients and everyday materials only.

But before we start cleaning the microwave oven, first go through the list of material that you might need in the process.

  1. Paper Towel 
  2. Baking Sods
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Household Vinegar
  5. Cleaning solution
  6. Hand wash solution
  7. Lime solution

Methods to clean a microwave oven:

· Paper Towels

If you are looking to clean out the grease and other oil-based stains from your microwave oven then you could use a paper towel. We can also use paper towels to clean the windows and the walls of the oven.

This is one of the simplest methods you can try to clean your microwave. All you have to do is place a couple of wet paper towels inside the microwave oven and turn the oven on at full power. Let it run for 5 minutes, the steam will loosen up all grease or oil. Use the paper towel to wipe them off.

·Baking Soda

The Baking soda method can be used to remove any spills of cooked food inside the microwave.

First we will make a paste of water and baking soda by adding two portions of baking soda and one portion of water. Now apply the paste to the spills and wipe them off with a wet sponge, paper towel, or a wet cloth.

After cleaning the residue heat up a small bowl of water for 5 minutes inside the microwave oven. Now clean the walls and window glass with a dry paper.

· Vinegar

This method is also very simple. Fill a bowl of water until half and add 2 tablespoon of vinegar to it. Heat the bowl for 5 minutes in the microwave oven. Now with the steam of water and vinegar all the junk will loosen up.

Now with a paper towel or wet cloth wipe down all the junk from the walls as well as window glass.

·Lemon juice

Take a lemon or any other citrus fruit. Cut it in half and place both the sides on the microwave late face down. Also add one tablespoon of water to it. Turn the microwave on for one minute on medium.

Now take out the lemon and squeeze its juice on the walls and glass of the oven and clean everything with a wet cloth or paper towel.

·Dishwash or Handwash Soap

Take a small bowl of water and add handwash or dishwasher to it. Now turn the microwave on for one minute at high settings. You will see steam forming inside your microwave oven.

As stated above steam will loosen all the junk inside the microwave all you have to do is turn the oven off and clean the junk with wet cloth or paper towel. Adding some baking soda to the water will remove any bad odour too.

·Window Cleaner Solution with water

This method is similar to the above one.

Tips and Precautions to take while cleaning your microwave

  • To protect your microwave from damaging make sure that water doesn’t get into the back of the microwave when cleaning the exteriors.
  • Unplug the power cord from the socket while cleaning the inside of the microwave oven with a wet cloth or wet paper towel. This could be disastrous.
  • Make sure to turn off the microwave while cleaning the inside.
  • Heating a small bowl of water with a tablespoon of baking soda will remove all smells for the microwave.
  • Always wrap up smelly food like fish, and processed meat while putting them into the microwave.
  • Always let the interior cool down to room temperature before cleaning the insides of the microwave.


Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are lots of commercial cleaning solutions available in the market. Not only are they costly but also leave a strong smell inside the microwave oven.

I would recommend you to stay away from such commercially available ready-made cleaning solutions and instead opt for home remedies listed above.

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