Different types of Kitchen Design Ideas

Different types of Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking to build a kitchen in your house. Here’s a list of different types of kitchen design ideas to give you a head start

different types of kitchen design ideas

Colonial – As the name suggest this style of kitchen design originated from the colonial period and may also be called country or American. During colonial period kitchens were usually setup in separate buildings located in the back of the main house.

Key features include colourful cabinets, fireplace, and open shelves. Fireplace is the most important part of any colonial kitchen.

Modern – The modern style of kitchen is clean, sophisticated, contemporary and less traditional. Where natural material like wood and marble made up the heart and soul of colonial kitchens modern kitchen mostly features man made material like laminate and ceramic.

Key Features includes sleek and angular cabinet and furniture, no elaborate carvings.

Shaker – Shaker Style kitchen originates from 18th century and is a simple style kitchen with more focus on utility then aesthetics. Everything in here has a purpose. Shaker style kitchen is all about showcasing fine skill and craftsmanship and only picking the best materials available.

French Style – This is the most polish and elegant kitchen on our list of different types of kitchen design ideas. Pop up colours like mustard or orange and excessive use of wood is the trademark of a French country kitchen. Also don’t forget the French like everything perfect, even their upholstery have a perfect pattern of flowers.

Key Features includes rich colours, large furniture, and a hint of romance with traditional carvings.

Galley Kitchen– If you are low on budget and has very little space to work upon gallery kitchen is the one you should consider. The gallery kitchen is simple, durable and speak of elegance. As the name suggests the gallery kitchen is a kitchen with cabinets and drawers on both side of a walkway. Gallery kitchen saves space for your other rooms, and is also easy to setup.

U-Shaped Kitchen-With three walls of cabinets and appliances the U-shaped Kitchen is also known as horseshoe kitchen or C-shaped Kitchen. Although the u-shaped kitchen provides lots of storage option and a larger working area it also requires a lot of space to set-up. Also keep symmetry in mind while choosing U-shaped kitchen as your kitchen layout from our list of different types of kitchen design ideas.

L-Shaped Kitchen-An L- shaped kitchen is the standardized design layout in most of the homes and is ideal for a small family. The L-shape kitchen is ideal for those who have a smaller kitchen area. The layout is built with two walls incorporating everything from cabinets, appliances, sink and other things. From our list of different types of kitchen design ideas this is the most appropriate for almost all homes.

Island Kitchen-Island kitchens is a freestanding cabinets that add more work and storage space. You can use the island for cabinets, appliances, sinks, countertops or as a dining table.

Island Kitchen requires a lot of space and a plan to execute.

We hope this post has helped you decide on a kitchen layout that best fits your home and needs. Whichever design you choose, it must harmonize with the general colour and style themes in your home in general.

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