How to sharpen mixer blades: Tips and ideas

After some time of usage, mixer grinder seems to have lost their edge and sharpness. It is an indication that the blades are not as sharp as they used to be. But it doesn’t mean that your mixer grinder is broken, all you need to do is sharpen the blades. With the following guide, you will … Read more

Mixer grinder jar jammed? Here’s how to fix it

A mixer grinder is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. Often used several times a day a mixer grinder is the true workhorse of any kitchen. Mixer grinders are used to serve different purposes such as properly mixing foods with liquids, grinding, and several others. Whether it is to fine grind or … Read more

How to clean a mixer grinder: tips and suggestions

Mixer grinder, also known as mixies in India, can be found in almost all households around the world.  Mixer Grinder is a very commonly used kitchen appliances and life without a mixer grinder is unimaginable. These appliances help us with various tasks in the kitchen. But like any other appliance, you must regularly maintain and … Read more