What are the Benefits of Owning a Mixer Grinder?

benefits of owning a mixer grinder

A mixer grinder is the most versatile appliance that you may find in a kitchen. Not only it reduces human effort but also allows its user to multi-task while saving time. A mixer grinder has become synonyms with multi-tasking and versatility when it comes to kitchen appliances. In this article we will have a look … Read more

How to Make Most of Your Mixer Grinder

How to Make Most of Your Mixer Grinder

Innovation and technology is directed at one thing only, which is reducing human effort and making life easier. Machines have replaced manual labor in all aspects of life be it industries, computers, and household appliances. And with the advancement of technology, these innovative products are available at a very lucrative price option in the market … Read more

8 Tips on How to Care for Your Mixer Grinder


A mixer grinder proves to be the real workhorse of a kitchen making things easy when it comes to grinding, blending and mixing. But in order to make sure that the device serves longer, one needs to maintain it well. Below are 8 tips that will help you maintain your mixer grinder. A mixer grinder … Read more

8 Best Mixer Grinder in India 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

What is a mixer grinder? India is called the land of spices! Indian cuisine is famous all around the world for its distinct flavours and rich aroma thanks to the perfect blend of spices. Earlier the spices were manually grounded to improve their digestibility, acceptability, and mixing properties. But with the introduction of the mixer … Read more

Mixer blade not rotating? Find the causes and solutions

Mixer Grinder, known in India as Mixies, can be found in almost all households around the world. Mixer Grinder is a frequently used kitchen appliance and a life without Mixer Grinder is unimaginable. These devices help us with various tasks in the kitchen. As with any other device, however, you must regularly maintain and clean … Read more

How to sharpen mixer blades: Tips and ideas

After some time of usage, mixer grinder seems to have lost their edge and sharpness. It is an indication that the blades are not as sharp as they used to be. But it doesn’t mean that your mixer grinder is broken, all you need to do is sharpen the blades. With the following guide, you will … Read more