8 Best Plastic Chairs in India 2020: Reviews

Not sure which plastic chair to buy for your home? Don’t worry. To give you better clarity and reduce your stress, we have listed down 8 Best Plastic Chairs in India 2020.

Best Plastic Chairs in India - Reviews

1. Nilkamal Plastic Premium Chair

best plastic chairs in india 1Product Information:

  • Primary Material used – Virgin Polypropylene
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – up to 200 kg
  • Dimension of the Chair – 12 X 10 X 80 cm
  • Chair Weight – Around 3 kg
  • Color – Matte Rust Brown
  • Number of chairs – Two
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Sitting Height – 18 inches

Nilkamal doesn’t need an introduction, the brand has established itself as a premium brand in India thanks to its strong, durable, and efficient product lines. The Nilkamal Plastic Chair is a robust chair made of a single mould injection manufacturing process.

These lightweight and comfortable plastic chairs come in a set of two chairs. The Nilkamal chair is a space-saving option that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Nilkamal chair is our first choice for the best plastic chairs in India. If you are looking for a low maintenance and waterproof chair to relax yourself this Nilkamal chair should be an ideal option.


  • The Nilkamal plastic chair is Lightweight.
  • The chair is manufactured to Perfection showing no dents or scratches.
  • Made from high-quality Virgin Polypropylene the Nilkamal chairs are Strong and durable.
  • The chairs are stackable which makes them easy to carry while saving space.
  • The Nilkamal chairs offer the best in the industry Weight-Bearing Capacity.


  • The only thing we didn’t like about the Nilkamal Plastic chairs was the price tag. They are a bit expensive

2. Supreme Web Heavy Plastic Chair for Garden and Home

best plastic chairs in india 2Product Information:

  • Color – Soft Blue
  • Primary Material – Plastic with metal finish
  • Dimensions – 56L X 56W X 81.5H cm
  • Weight of the Chair – 2 kg
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – 150 kg
  • Number of Chair – 2
  • Sitting Height– 18 inches
  • Warranty – 6 months

Supreme is the largest plastic manufacturing and processing company in India. The company offers a wide range of plastic moulded products including plastic chairs. The supreme plastic chairs are stylish and strong as the company uses only high-grade virgin polymers in the manufacturing process of their plastic chairs.

 The chairs offer extreme comfort and functionality. The chairs provide a good sitting posture and can be used both inside the house and in the garden area. Also, the back design make sure that you don’t feel sweated after sitting for a longer time.


  • Space saver because of their stackable nature.
  • The chair, although made from plastic is Strong and durable.
  • The chair provides a comfortable sitting posture.
  • The supreme plastic chairs are suitable to use in both home and garden areas.


  • The chair comes with no armrest.
  • The Supreme Plastic chairs are a little bit pricey.

3. Ikea Adde Chair White Indoor/Outdoor Back Rest

best plastic chairs in india 3Product Information:

  • Color – White
  • Primary Material – Plastic
  • Dimensions – 77 X 47 X 39 cm
  • Weight of the Chair – 2.76 kg
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – 110 kg
  • Seating Height from Ground – 17 ¾ inches

Taking the third spot on our list of best plastic chairs in India is Ikea. Ikea is a world-renowned brand that offers premium furniture at quite an affordable price. The engineers and designers at Ikea are always pushing the limits when it comes to innovations in furniture. This Ikea Chair is no exception with near perfect back support the Ikea Plastic Chair is one to look out for.

The Ikea plastic chair is rust-proof and can be used both indoors, and outdoors. The chair is also very easy to maintain. Just wipe the chair with a mildly wet cloth and you’ve got yourself a shining brand new chair. However, it is recommended to keep tightening the screws once in a while.


  • Stackable nature of the Ikea chairs make them Easy to carry.
  • The Ikea chairs can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • The Ikea plastic chairs offers a near perfect back support.


  • The only thing the chair is lacking to be number one our list is an Armrest.
  • Although the chair is strong and durable the screws come loose after some time.

4. Cello Jordan Chair

best plastic chairs in india 4Product Information:

  • Primary Material – Plastic
  • Frame Material – Wood
  • Dimensions – 19L X 11W X 19H cm
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – up to 135 kg
  • Number of Chairs – Two
  • Color – Rose Wood
  • Weight– Around 3 kg
  • Seating Height– 18 inches
  • Warranty – 1 year

This black plastic chair from Cello Jordon brand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The chair is made of plastic and wood giving it a beautiful and strong looks. The Cello Jordon plastic chair is also weatherproof and rustproof.

The chair comes with an upright sitting position providing excellent back support. The chair also comes with armrest which provides optimum support to your arms.


  • Made with plastic and wood this chair is strong and extremely durable.
  • The Cello Jordan Chairs are easy to carry thanks to its feather lightweight.
  • Waterproof properties make it suitable for outdoor uses
  • Thee chair is extremely comfortable to sit.
  • Arms rest provides optimum support.


  • Some customers have complaints about manufacturing defects.

5. Avonn 7005 Regular Series Plastic Chair

Product Information:

  • Color – Grey
  • Primary Material – Plastic
  • Dimensions – 81(Height) X 56.5(Width) X 60 (Depth) cm
  • Weight of the Chair – 3 kg
  • Number of Chairs – 1
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity –110 kg
  • Seating Height– 13.7 inches
  • Warranty – No

We are halfway through our list of best plastic chairs in India. At the fifth spot is Avonn 7005 regular Plastic chairs which is one of the finest offerings from the brand. The chair is waterproof making it suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor areas. Made from high-quality plastic this Avon chair is strong and durable.

With a weight-bearing capacity of 110 Kgs, it surely doesn’t beat the industry leader Nilkamal who has a weight-bearing capacity of 200 KGs. Also the company doesn’t offer any warranty on the product.


  • This is one very affordable option.
  • Avonn chair is made from very strong and durable plastic.
  • The chairs are easy to carry and stackable.
  • The plastic chairs from Avonn provides a comfortable sitting position.
  • The chairs are waterproof and can also be used in the outdoors.


  • The build quality could have been a bit better.

6. Supreme Cambridge Plastic Chair

best plastic chairs in india 6Product Information:

  • Color – Dark Beige
  • Primary Material – Plastic
  • Dimensions – Length (56) X Width (56) X Height (81.5) cm
  • Weight of the Chair – 2 kg
  • Number of Chairs – 2
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – 150 kg
  • Seating Height– 17 ¾ inches
  • Warranty – 6 months

The Supreme Cambridge plastic chairs are a good option for those looking for an elegant design. The chairs are made of high-quality plastic making them very strong, and durable. The weight-bearing capacity of the chair is also very good.

The Supreme plastic chair provides extremely good back support and arm-support. You will not complain even after sitting for a long period. The product is dustproof, weatherproof, and termite-proof making it extremely durable.


  • The chairs are made from high-quality plastic making them strong and durable.
  • The Supreme Cambridge Plastic Chairs require no assembly.
  • The chairs are waterproof, dust-proof, and termite-proof.


  • The price tag is a little too much.

7. Anmol Plastic Chairs (Arm Chairs) Set of 2

best plastic chairs in india 7Product Information:

  • Color – Brown
  • Primary Material – Plastic
  • Number of Chairs – 2
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – 110 to 130 kg
  • Seating Height from the Ground – 17 inches

Anmol as a brand provides an excellent choice of options when it comes to plastic furniture. Ranging from plastic chairs, stools, and tables the brand is well-known for its superior quality and comforts. This Plastic chair from Anmol is no exception. Made from high-quality plastic this plastic chair from Anmol is very strong and extremely durable.

The chair has an upright sitting position which provides excellent back support. The wide seat of the chair is the best in the list while the armrest makes sure that your hands are rested comfortably.


  • A Wide seat provides a comfortable sitting position.
  • The Anmol Plastic chairs offer Good back support.
  • The chairs are extremely strong and highly durable.


  • The quality of this product is not up to the mark.

8. Nilkamal Crystal Chair

best plastic chairs in india 8Product Information:

  • Color – Milky White
  • Primary Material – Polypropylene
  • Dimensions – Length (61) X Width (61) X Height (81) X Depth (62) cm
  • Number of chairs – 1
  • Weight of the Chair – 4 kg
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity – 150 kg
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Seating Height– 18 inches

The last product on the list of best plastic chairs in india is Nilkamal Crystal Chairs.This Nilkamal Crystal Plastic chair offers a contemporary and trendy design. The chair can be used indoors or outdoors due to its weatherproof properties. The Nilkamal crystal Plastic chair s trendy as well as comfortable.

The chairs are stackable making them easy to move from place to another, and when you are not using them you can just stack them over each other. The chair comes in a translucent body thanks to its polypropylene construction.


  • The Nilkamal Crystal chairs are stackable and easy to maneuver.
  • It has an ergonomic design with maximum comfort.
  • The plastic chairs from Nilkamal are made with high-quality solid plastic.


  • A little bit expensive.

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