8 Best Helmets in India for men and women 2020- Reviews

Best Helmets in India (Full Face)

1. Studds Ninja Elite Flip-Up Trendy Helmet

best helmets in india 1With more than 35 dealerships spread across the world, Studds is by far our first choice for the best helmet brand in India. Although Studds manufacture both open-face and full-face helmets we have decided to give the first spot in our list of best helmets in India to this Studds full-face helmet.

A full-faced helmet provides far superior protection when compared to open-faced helmets. The helmet is ISI approved and is made of High-Grade thermoplastic making it an ideal choice for anyone whose priority is safety. It also features dense EPS cushioning and wide straps with durable buckles.

The Studds ST full-faced helmet will fit your head snugly. The wide straps ensure that helmet holds its place and doesn’t move or slip. The helmet is available in five sizes XS-(540 mm), S-(560 mm), M-(570 mm), L- (580 mm), and XL-(600 mm) for both men and women.

To overcome any heating inside the helmet after longer rides, the helmet is provided with a ventilation system. The inside padding is made from anti-allergic velveteen to complement those with sensitive skin.




2. Vega Crux CRX-B-L Flip-up Helmet

best helmets in india 2Founded in 1994 Vega Helmet Compay has made a name for itself in an already crowded market. The reason behind the success of Vega as a brand is its top quality products at an affordable price. The Vega Crux is an ISI approved strong, sturdy, and an impact-resistant helmet.

It is highly recommended not to use the helmet for high-speed riding as the airflow inside the helmets gets too much after speeds of 80 km/hr or more.The helmet’s outer shell is made out of a hard carbon, while the inside is padded with soft fabrics to ensure protection from impacts. The helmet weighs at around 1.5Kg making it a little heavy for some users.

The helmet is accompanied by a scratch-resistant and ultra-violet resistant visor made from polycarbonate for better viewing. The helmet also comes with a ventilation system making sure that airflow is not restricted for longer rides.

The helmet is available in four different sizes from small (55-56cm), medium (56-58cm), large (58-59cm), and extra-large (59-60cm). the helmet is suitable for both men and women.



3. Vega Cliff CF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

best helmets in india 3Vega Helmet Company occupies the third spot as well on our list of best helmets in India. This ISI certified helmet from Vega is made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The inside of the helmet is padded with high-density EPS lining. The materials that go into the manufacturing of this vega full-face helmet are strong and do not break easily.

The helmet is compact and lightweight at just 800 gram making it less tiring to wear for an extended period. The visor of Vega Cliff Full face helmet is scratch resistant as well.

The EPS liner on the inside is extremely soft and ensures a snug comfortable fit for the riders while providing excellent protection. But at first, it might feel a little uncomfortable to wear but the inner foam padding will adjust to your head shape after a few days.

The helmet is available in two sizes Medium (58cm) and Large (60cm) and is suitable for men and boys. Lack of size options makes this helmet not suitable for ladies. With its features and a lightweight body, it is considered one of the best helmets in India.




4. Steel Bird Classic Full Face Helmet

best helmets in india 4Founded in 1964 Steelbird is one of the most trusted helmet manufacturers in India. The brand doesn’t only manufactures helmets but also other riding accessories like a jacket, shoes, gloves, pants, etc.

The SteelBird Classic full-face helmet is an ISI certified helmet. The outer shell of the helmet is made using high-quality thermoplastics while inside of the helmet is layered with high-density EPS liner. The helmet offers complete protection and will absorb most of the damage in case of an accident.

Steel Bird is one of the best helmet brands in India and this helmet is no exception. The youthful styling and graphics give this helmet an attractive look. The helmet features anti-scratch and anti-fog visor.

The EPS lining inside the helmet is complemented with anti-allergic velveteen in case you have a sensitive skin. The helmet has a ventilation system that makes sure that the rider doesn’t feel suffocated after long rides.

The helmet is a bit bulky and weighs at around 1.4  Kgs making it suitable for only men.


  • Problems with air vents

5. Studds Premium Vent Professional Full Face Helmet

best helmets in india 5Studds premium vent professional occupies the fifth position on our list of best helmets in India. The helmet is made from high impact thermoplastic making it extremely strong. The helmets durability is guaranteed as the helmet is ISI approved for speeds up to 80 Km/Hr. Like the helmets above this helmet also has high-density EPS lining in the inside for better comfort and durability. The lining can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Studds offer spare visor with the helmet in clear, mirror, smoke tint, and rainbow options. These visors are also scratch-resistant. The helmet looks sporty and stylish and will appeal a lot to the younger riders.

The helmet offers good ventilation to ensure you don’t feel suffocated. Like other EPS lined helmets this Studds full-faced helmet might also feel a little uncomfortable in the starting. But, after 7-10 days the lining will mold itself according to the riders head shape giving a more comfortable and snug fit.

The helmet weighs 1.4 KGs and comes in three different size options medium 570 mm, large 580 mm, and extra-large 600mm. the helmet is suitable for both men and women.



Best Helmets in India (Half Face)

6. Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

best helmets in india 6Every helmet model that comes from Vega Helmet Company is ISI approved, and this Vega Crux half-face helmet is no exception. The helmet is made up of high-grade ABS making it extremely strong and sturdy.

Although half-faced helmets provide a better peripheral view of the streets then the full-faced helmets, it is not as safe as a full-faced helmet as the jaw is always exposed. Half face helmet is primarily chosen by those riders who feel claustrophobic in a full-faced helmet.

The inside of the helmet is layered with different density padding providing a snug fit. The helmet looks very stylish and sporty. Vega provides clear, smoke tint, mercury, and rainbow tint options of spare visor.

The helmet is extremely lightweight at just 1050 grams and comes in two sizes medium 56-58 cm, and large 59-60 cm. The fit of the visor is the best in the industry.



7. JMD Helmets Grand Open Face Helmet

best helmets in india 7JMD makes its entrance to our list of best helmets in India at number seven. The JMD Grand Open Face Helmet is ISI certified and safe to use within a speed limit of up to 60 KM/Hr.

The outer body is made from a poly carbonate frame which can withstand quite an impact. A polystyrene ESP lined inner shell provides added security and comfort. The D-ring enclosure makes sure that the helmet fits snuggle even in the windiest atmosphere.

The visor of the JMD open-face helmet provides a clear peripheral view of the roads. The helmet being open-faced provides proper ventilation to the rider. The rider will never feel suffocated in an open-faced helmet.

The JMD open faced helmet is lightweight and weighs around 750 Grams making it extremely comfortable. The model is available in medium and large sizes. The helmet is suitable for both ladies and men. The best feature of the helmet is that it comes with a pollution mask to cover your nose.



8. Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

best helmets in india 8Studds open faced helmet is an ISI approved helmet which is made of thermoplastic and polyurethane. The scratch-resistant visor of the helmet is made of poly carbonate.

The inside of the helmet is cushioned with EPS lining to offer superior cushioning and safety from any head injuries. The EPS lining is made with anti-allergic coating. Also for fresh air flow there is a dynamic ventilation system.

The helmet is offered in five different colors i.e. black, grey, white, and matte black. The helmet has a very impressive designing giving it a premium as well as sporty looks.

The helmet is available in three sizes and is suitable for both men and women.



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