5 Best Electronic safe lockers in India for 2020 – Reviews

With an increasing number of theft and robbery reported in cities, a Digital locker is the perfect way to protect your precious pieces of jewelry and other valuables, something almost every household needs.

 However, with so many options to choose for people often find it difficult to choose the best one. With this guide, we have listed down 5 of the best electronic lockers in India for 2020 along with the buying Guide.

But before you decide on which one to buy there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration.

Size: Digital lockers range from 8litres to 34litres. You must first list down the items you want to lock in a safe before making a buying decision. If you want to store a small number of items you can go for smaller lockers, but if the number of items you want to store is big then opt for a larger capacity locker.

Locking Mechanism: Most of the digital locks in India uses either a touch keypad or a biometric fingerprint scanner as a locking and unlocking mechanism. Lockers with IRS scanner are also available, but these lockers are costly in comparison with biometric counterparts.

Electronic Safe vs. Combination Safes?

Combination Safes

A combination safe is a mechanical safe which has a mechanical dial and needs to be rotated to a specific set of number code for it to open up. These safes are the ones we have seen in old movies. These safes are robust in build but also have some drawbacks biggest being the lack of programmable passcode. You only have code and that’s it.



Electronic Safes

There are mainly two advantages a digital lock holds over a mechanical lock. First the convenience it offers and second the ability to change the code. Along with that digital safes now comes equipped with lots of additional features, like the touchpad, auto freeze, manual override key, etc.

You can change the passcode on the fly and doesn’t require any blacksmith. Digital lockers also have soft cushioned carpet on the inside to make sure that your valuables don’t get scratched up.

Some digital safes now also comes equipped with a biometric scanner and IRS scanner. But these are a little expensive than the conventional one. Always first be clear about your requirements before heading out to buy a digital locker. As the options available in the markets may confuse you.



5 Best Electronic Safe lockers at India

Following are the best Electronic Safe Lockers available online in India:

1. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

best electronic safe lockers in indiaGodrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the best electronic safe lockers in India at the moment. It is a well built compact locker, weighs 6. 5Kgs, and has a capacity of 8 litters. The safe stands at 200mm tall 300mm wide and 200mm depth.

In Godrej electronic safe, your precious goods are protected by a 3-6 digit password along with a master password. The case automatically freezes itself if a wrong password is entered four times. Also the Godrej electronic safe comes with a mechanical override in case if you forget the password.

Another security features include two motorized shooting bolts to provide that extra protection. There is an interior carpeting to protect your valuables from getting scratched.

Warranty: The Godrej electronic safe comes with a 1-year warranty.

Customer Care: toll-free no: 1800 209 9955 or mail to: secare@godrej.com



2. Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe

stok digital lockerStoK St electronic locker is a small and compact safe weighing at 2.6 Kgs, the safe stands 230 mm high, 170 mm width, and 170 mm of depth. The safe can be portable as well.

It is pretty easy to operate with its 3-8 digit combination. The safe automatically locks itself if a wrong password is entered three times in a row. The digital safe works on AA batteries which are not included in the package.

It also comes with 2 emergency override keys in case the batteries run out, or in case you forget the password.

The body of the safe is made of 2mm thick steel while the gate is carved out of 4mm thick steel, making this a robust safe.

The safe is available in two color options of white and black.

Warranty: The Stock electronic safe comes with a 1-year onsite warranty.



3. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 liters)

godrej personal lockerGodrej Goldilocks Private Safe (2.2 liters) is a personal safe that can be taken from one place to another because of its compact design. The Godrej Personal Locker can be used to store wallet, keys, jewelry, cheque books, etc.

The wallet comes with many smart security features including a tamper alarm which goes off if someone tries to break into it or if someone tries to run away with it.

Warranty: The Godrej electronic safe comes with a 1-year warranty.

Customer Care: toll-free no: 1800 209 9955 or mail to: secare@godrej.com



4. Ozone OES-BAS-05 Core Series Safe

ozone safeNext on the list of best electronic safe lockers in India is Ozone OES-BAS-05. This safe weighs at 6Kgs and has a holding capacity of 10 liters and stands at 200mm high, 300mm width and 200 mm of depth.

The safe only has the option of 4 digits passcodes which is a big downside is you cannot set any hard to guess long PIN.  However in case anyone enters a wrong password three consecutive times the safe will automatically freeze itself for three minutes.

Another security feature that we liked was that the safe has double layer protection. In case the batteries run out or you forget your passcode you have two options. One is a master passcode and the other one is a manual override key.



5. IPSA ES01Compact Digital Locker

IPSAThe IPSA ES01 digital locker is a simple looking manual locker. The safe weighs in at 6.8 KGS and has a volume of 12.4 liters. The safe stands at 200mm X 310mm X 200 mm.

The locker is made of high-quality steel and has a rustproof surface making it immune to corrosion. The safe is also equipped with a double locking mechanism making this one of the most reliable and robust lockers available in India.

The safe can be opened with a 1-10 digits combination, which means you can put a pretty hard to guess PIN with this one.  In case you forget the password the case has an Emergency override key.

The safe automatically freezes itself for 3 minutes in case of three consecutive wrong attempts.

Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Customer Care:  0120-4536600



Best Electronic Safe Lockers in India Buying Guide

Certain other factors need to be considered before deciding on the best electronic safe locker in India.

1. Budget

The last thing you want is to spend a fortune buying a safe which is not worth it. You can buy the best electronic safe lockers in India from 4 thousand to 15 thousand. The price usually varies according to the size, brand, and features available. Although you must also first check every aspect before spending your hard-earned money.

2. User-Friendly

As the name suggests electronic locker safe are lockers that use the latest technology and can be either password operated or may even utilize fingerprint or IRS scanner for their operations. The safe however should be user-friendly and should not confuse its users.

3. Compact

You would want a safe that could be easily tucked away in an Almira or someplace nobody could see. If a locker is visible to every person that enters your house it beats the purpose of having a safe in the first place. That’s why you should look for a compact design that is big enough to accommodate your precious things.

4. Durable

Durability and build quality is the first thing that you should look for while buying an electric safe locker or any other appliance for your home. These things don’t cost pennies and require some cash power to buy. Always look for what’s best and what fits in your budget but it doesn’t mean it should be flimsy.

5. Types of Best Electronic Safe lockers in India

Fire-resistant Safes – Often used in government offices to store files and valuable DVDs fire-resistant safes are heavier and can withstand temperatures up to 175F.

Burglary Resistant Safes – Often used by banks and jewelry shops burglary Resistant Safes are used to store jewels and precious metals. These safes have an alarm system that goes off with any suspicious activity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it essential to be fixed within the cabinet?

Since a safe is something we don’t want anyone to see we would recommend you to conceal your locker within a cabinet.

2. Which brand makes the best digital safe lockers in India?

Godrej is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and reputed manufacturers when it comes to digital lockers. Due to its wide customer support and superior after-sales service, Godrej is a brand you can trust blindfolded.

3. Can I take my safe with me?

You very well can take a few of the listed lockers with you. These safe are compact and can be used to keep everyday items like wallets, keys, mobile phones, etc safe.

4. What can one store in an electronic safe?

That depends on you. Whatever is precious to you should be stored in a lock. But always first take into consideration the items you would want to lock away in the safe before buying yourself one.

5. What materials are used in the making of safes?

Almost all the electronic safe lockers are made of steel. This is because of the robust nature of steel.

6. What is the major difference between a combination safe and an electronic safe?

We have already compared both in great detail here.

7. How should the inside of my safe look like?

You want to make sure that your safe has a soft carpet inside laid out. This is so that your precious jewelry and metals doesn’t get scratched up.


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